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Finding the Way Home

I am so excited that my first blog post is on this topic, because truly, launching this website has been for me all about finding the way home. One of my core desired feelings is At Home, but what does that mean? Is home a house, or a city? Maybe. Is it a relationship or family? Maybe. I have moved to new houses, cities and even countries because I just needed to breathe new air. I was feeling so much negative energy, that I thought if I got into a new space, I might then feel better and find home. And I won't say it didn't help.... I have also thought I felt at home with a person, in a relationship...or that if I found the right person I would then find home. And I think there can be some truth there....

Maya Angelou said "“You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all.” She found out after years of searching that she belonged not to a place, but only to herself. I believe she was right. We can find home inside. We are at home when we are aligned with our truth- when we come to a place of owning and loving our truth, to live heart-centered and embody our truth. Then will we know our purpose and place in the world.

Adriene Mishler said “We are at our best and can be of service to others and when we are in alignment with who we truly are.” So that is my goal. I am so excited to share what I have learned and am learning along my journey, and I hope I can be of service in this way.

I have learned to see myself not as broken, but as whole, as good, as loved, as love itself. And that is how I have found the way home.

With so much love,


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